Preet is beat!

October 2015

Great to see that SCOTUS is not buying into Preet Bharara’s Insider Trading PR campaign. The Second Circuit decision stands on Newman-Chiasson. This ruling helped reveal the weak sauce that SDNY had been cooking with (2008-2014) to imprison folks like myself. What does Bharara do to the banks behind the global financial collapse that cost millions their homes and jobs? How about the murderers at GM who knowingly manufactured cars with ignitions that killed 124 people? These REAL criminals pay fines while guys like me go to prison in the name of “the integrity of the markets.”

Here is the truth that the NYT and WSJ will never report: Preet Bharara is responsible for wrecking the lives of the innocent in his insider trading campaign that has little to to with making the markets more fair and everything to do with his political ambitions. Of course there were some folks who truly were guilty and the worst of them walked in exchange for their help as cooperating witnesses racking up the “wins” for Preet whether they were guilty or not. I was one of his “wins”.

It’s a shame that the mainstream media could care less about the real story here of an overzealous prosecutor crushing innocent lives in the name of his ego and political ambitions.

I went to prison without one trade linked to me but Bharara played on the public’s hatred of Wall Street to separate me from my family for years. No money. No victims. Nothing but cowardly government puppets saying whatever they were told to avoid going where I went. His game is simple: play ball and walk as the real criminals in my case. Want to fight? Ok, you’re going away! If you want to know the truth about “justice” in this country and the petty tyrants that run our federal prisons, you can read about it here.

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